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Kollel Ateres Mordechai was instituted to bring about the materialization of Rabbi Gifter’s fervent wish and desire—that his Torah would be made available to a wider public.

Mission Statement

Kollel Ateres Mordechai, an outgrowth of Telshe Yeshiva, was founded in 2005, with the mission to foster the ideals of authentic Torah Judaism by scholarship, community outreach and Jewish education. In addition, Kollel Ateres Mordechai publishes and disseminates the Torah-writings and speeches of the Telshe Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Gifter.


In his ethical will, Rabbi Gifter charged his family and students to make every effort to publish his Torah novella, Shiurim (Talmudic lectures), Shiurei Daas (lectures in Philosophy and Ethics) and correspondence, a preponderant majority which were formulated in his close to fifty year stint as the Telshe Rosh Yeshiva, so that they would be available to a wider public.


The scholars involved in the editing of the voluminous material have had personal exposure to Rav Gifter, and are familiar with his body of work and its style. Kollel Ateres Mordechai has completed and published: Nesivos Mordechai on tractates Rosh Hashana; Gittin; Kiddushin; Yevomos I and II; Bava Metzia I and II; Bava Basra I and II; Pirkei Emunah; Haggada Shel Pesach; and 7 volumes of Mili D’Igros. No effort has been spared in locating the source-references, cross-referencing this work with Rav Gifter’s other works, and presenting the material in a user-friendly manner and an aesthetically pleasing format.

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