Rabbi Tzadok Shmuel Suchard


Rabbi Tzaddok Shmuel Suchard, a prolific talmid of Rav Mordechai Gifter, zt”l, is a Dayan of the Beth Din of Johannesburg and for the past 36 years has been the spiritual head of the Beth Hamedrash Hagadol, Sandton – one of the fastest growing communities in South Africa.
Rabbi Suchard was born and educated in South Africa, and was one of the first minyan of students at Yeshiva College. He spent 11 years in Telshe Yeshiva, as a student and then as a Rebbe. Receiving a call from South Africa, he returned as a senior lecturer at Yeshiva College and also was the founding Dean of Menora Girls High.


His important works include “Inspire Your Soul” and “The Jewish Laws of Inheritance and The Correct Wording For A Document Of Gift” all of which carry approbations from the Rosh Yeshivah. In Rabbi Suchard’s sefer on inheritance, he brings important rulings of Rav Gifter, zt”l.

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